In 2021, Brooks Machine Products started making our own Terminals for Laminations that we have been manufacturing for over 35 years. The previous suppliers of these terminals ( Zierick and Pekay Industries ) had become so unreliable and overpriced, our customers asked if we could make these. Being the best little tool and die shop we are, we rose to the request and made our own high-precision progressive die tooling and began stamping these out of the 260 Brass and having them Tinned by our local plating facility. 

We are proud to be able to offer these Terminals to you, our new customers at a substantially more reliable and consistent availability and surely will save you money! We’re not out to soak our customers for these simple small tinned brass terminals, but would like to help pay us back for the time, money, and energy we spent to be able to manufacture these Terminals. 

Please contact us right away by phone or email to request your quote for these Terminals today. We have minimum stock, but most lead times will be less than 4 weeks!

Bradford Brooks
Brooks’ Machine Products Ltd

Terminal 10-382593

Brooks Machine Products version of the AKA Zierick 303

Terminal 10-382593-a
Terminal 10-382593 Print

Terminal 10-349867

Brooks Machine Products version of the AKA Zierick 574-130

Terminal 10-349867-a
Terminal 10-349867