Brooks’ Machine Products of Unadilla, New York (USA) is a third-generation, family-owned business that’s much more than a machine shop. We’re a contract manufacturer, an engineering solutions provider, and a trusted partner to large multinational corporations and small local companies. We also make our own line of panel punches or knock-out punches, hand tools for working with sheet metal.

Nationally, Brooks’ is a recognized leader in aerospace stamping and forming. Other companies work with big, heavy-duty parts and products, but we specialize in fine MIL-SPEC components and FAR 21 work. Today, our clients include a major manufacturer of aircraft engines and one of the world’s largest interconnect manufacturers. The Space Shuttle has flown machined parts from Brooks’, too.

Unlike some metal fabricators, manufacturers, or machining services, Brooks’ doesn’t limit itself to a few markets. That’s because there’s a need for solutions engineering in every industry – including yours. Today, customers ask us for everything from components for hotel lighting and security fencing to machined parts used in tattoo machines. How can we help you?

Companies that need precision machining for small parts know Brooks for our Made in the USA panel punches that are easier-to-use. These hand tools also cost significantly less than knock-out punches that made in Europe. Check out our catalog and let us quote a shape or size to your specific dimensions.