Custom Design

Custom design at Brooks’ Machine Products begins with conceptualization, includes computer-aided design (CAD), and results in machined metal parts that are structurally sound and precisely dimensioned. For optimal results every time, ask us to apply our technical expertise and application experience to your design phase. By preparing your part properly, you can save time and money during production.


Conceptualization provides a general idea of how your machined metal part should look and perform. For example, what is the net shape you need to achieve? Are features such as strength and appearance equally important? Maybe you’re looking for a long-lasting part instead. The assistance we provide during conceptualization can help with material selection, too.

CAD Design

CAD software can produce a computer-generated, three-dimensional (3D) representation of your machined metal product. Brooks’ can also work with physical drawings and blueprints, but CAD software helps to identify potential risks such as structural weaknesses. Plus, our CNC equipment for digital manufacturing can support your final CAD design.

Part and Tooling Design

In addition to machined metal parts, Brooks’ can design specialized production tools for fast, precise, and cost-effective operations. Other shops may be able to produce non-standard components, but Brooks’ specializes in the design and production of build-to-order parts and panel punches that are precisely machined and proudly Made in the USA.