CNC Machining Services

CNC machining services from Brooks’ Machine Products combine speed, accuracy, and repeatability with support for small, precision parts. For example, our CNC equipment includes Cincinnati and MHP vertical machining centers (VMC) with tool changers and accessories, and Doosan and MHP high-precision turning centers with chucker and bar feed.

Vertical CNC Machining

Brooks’ uses vertical CNC machining services, a process also known as milling, to remove metal from a workpiece. For example, our American made Cincinnati and MHP VMCs features a vertically-oriented spindle where tools stick straight down from a tool holder. As a production process, vertical CNC machining services provide benefits like multi-axis milling for specific part shapes and rapid tool changes for production efficiency.

The CNC vertical machining centers that Brooks’ uses is ideal for aerospace parts and other applications that require fast, accurate operations. Our CNC equipment uses tool changers that can perform multiple functions without requiring an operator to change the tooling. In addition, the accessories provide an organized, efficient, and secure method for storing tools.

High-Precision CNC Turning

Brooks’ uses Doosan and MHP TURNEX 2 CNC high precision turning centers to make cylindrical parts. With our CNC lathes, we can reduce the diameter of a workpiece to a specified dimension and produces a smooth surface finish. As a machining process, CNC turning is fast, accurate, and aggressive. The chucker supports the high-volume production of small, precision parts while the bar feeder enhances productivity.

Cutting and Punching

Cutting and punching are production processes that remove material from a workpiece to create precisely-dimensioned features. However, expert metal fabrication requires more than just the right equipment. At Brooks’ Machine Products, skilled operators with a commitment to quality get the job done right every time.

Cutting Services

Cutting uses a saw or shear to remove material. There are two basic types of cuts: roughing and finishing. Roughing cuts leave more metal on the workpiece for subsequent finishing operations but can remove larger amounts of material. Finishing cuts are more precise but remove less material.

Cutting equipment at Brooks’ Machine Products includes:

  • VICTOR Horizontal Cut-Off Saw 1989
    ROCKWELL/DELTA 20″ Bandsaw
    Cincinnati 10’ Power Shear
    NIAGARA 6′ Power Shear
    DI-ACRO 12″ Precision Shear

Punching Services

Punching creates part features such as holes or notches. A tool or die (the punch) is forced through the workpiece. The scrap or slug drops through the die, which has the same dimensions as the hole. Punching can be used with strip or sheet metal and with either continuous feed or single stroke machines.

Punching equipment at Brooks’ Machine Products includes:

  • V & O 35 Ton Punch Press Continuous Feed or Single Stroke
  • NIAGARA A3-1/2 60 Ton Punch Press (2) Cont. or Single
  • NIAGARA A3 32 Ton Punch Press Cont. or Single
  • NIAGARA A2-1/2 22 Ton Punch Press (2) Cont. or Single
  • NIAGARA H2-1/2 22 Ton Horning Punch Press Single
  • NIAGARA H2 14 Ton Horning Punch Press Single
  • DI-ACRO 6″ 90 Degree Notcher

CNC Machining Equipment

Cincinnati CNC Machine Center
Mitsubishi Wire EDM